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berry blast

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15 full leaf pyramids
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berry blast
Berry Blast is a delicious blend of natural fruits and spices that brews up a mouthwatering cuppa. Entirely caffeine-free, this fruity herbal blend holds a special appeal for kids and sweet-toothed adults. The flavour is all natural, emanating from blackcurrant, cranberries, raspberries, elderberries, bilberries, hibiscus flowers and rose hip peels. Berry Blast has a bold and slightly tart flavour, with a juicy clean finish. No sugar or other sweeteners added.

This is a decaf tea | Steep at 100°C for 5-10 minutes.
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Iced Teas

iced teas

That flavour you know and love, is also available in our convenient iced tea pouches. Ideal for cold brewing in your fridge overnight, a single pouch will make a litre of deliciously refreshing iced tea.

iced pouches
6 litre-yielding pouches



Our teabags contain the same high-quality tea as our loose tea offerings. Their pyramid shape gives the leaves plenty of room to unfurl and infuse, placing more flavour in each cup. Enjoy the superior flavour of gourmet tea with the convenience of a disposable bag.

15 full leaf pyramids

Part of orchard herbals sampler

sampler set

Explore a variety of teas with our popular sampler set. Four teas included are: berry blast, blood orange, raspberry patch, wild strawberry,

orchard herbals
4 x 11-23g samples

ingredients & lore

blended with rose hips, hibiscus, cranberries, natural forest berries flavour and blueberries

True berries are a simple fruit having seeds and edible pulp produced from a single ovary. There are many varieties of berries, flavours ranging from sweet to sour. However, the berries we are most familiar with are not true berries by definition - such as blackberries (which are made from different ovaries), blueberries (created from another part of the plant that is not an ovary), and strawberries (the edible part of the fruit is not generated by an ovary). Whether true or not, mixed together to create a sweet blend makes us all believers.

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