green rooibos teas

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green rooibos teas
4 x 10-cup samples
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Green rooibos is not oxidised like it's sister, red rooibos, and provides a milder flavour. Discover the natural sweetness of this caffeine-free tisane in four different flavours thanks to this loose tea sample set. Each sample makes about 8-10 cups of tea. This set includes: This set includes:

green rooibos - Lighter bodied, less citric-piney than red rooibos, it delivers a woody-grassy cup with natural sweetness and fruit notes.
green rooibos bonita - This summer fruit inspired blend of green rooibos with peaches, strawberries and citrus is juicy, nectar-like and refreshing.
green rooibos blueberry - Blueberries, cranberries, rosehips, hibiscus and raspberry leaves blended for a tasty, berry-licious treat.
green rooibos key west - Blend of sweet passionfruit, luscious mango and a hint of tangy apricot will whisk you away to sunny shores.

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