Glow Cloud

created by Cara McGee
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All Hail this ominously bright, fruity blend, laced with just a tinge of the special kind of petrichor that only comes after a rain of small, dead animals.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 85°C for 2 minutes.

Customer Reviews (105)

Jenn Putman
This is a pretty solid green tea, although I'm not certain I got much of the other flavors. The green tea was a bit overwhelming. I didn't catch any of the accent flavors, although this might have been in part because of the specific sample I received (I didn't see many cranberries, period, while scooping). (2 mins @ 185°C)
Sara Tabatabai
This just in: School Board President, the Glow Cloud (all hail), just mandated a designated tea time just before the lunch schedule with the purpose of increasing the quality of students. This tea will be the only tea served during mandatory tea time. One sniff and you’ll be wowed with the scent of cranberry swimming in green tea leaves. Once brewed, all the ingredients integrate so well together without entirely losing the integrity of their individuality (much like how we want our children to be when they take our place as adults). The Mandarin Green offers a soft and cozy trance to maintain tranquility in our young students that will works towards preventing fights on school grounds. Paired perfectly with this flavor, which so closely resembles being bundled in a warm blanket, is the earthy and woody tones of the Pu Erh Dante to help our students stay grounded (as there seems to have been many reports of students floating; a huge distraction to their learning). This tea manages to not be bitter thanks to the White Peach, adding some natural yummy sweetness to entice the tiny taste buds of our tiny citizens without being too overpowering. This tea also packs a subtle punch of fruitiness from the cranberry (offering the power of antioxidants in the form of flavored water to ward off diseases) while sneaking in citrusiness from orange peels to boost the immune system. Who would have thought the Glow Cloud (all hail) actually takes the nutrition of our offspring into great consideration. To top it off, this tea also seems to have of bit of a floral note of hibiscus, likely left by the Glow Cloud (all hail) who personally crafted this blend and probably decided to try a different fragrance than its usual vanilla scent. Thanks Glow Cloud (all hail the mighty Glow Cloud). (5 mins @ 212°C)
Jaime Young
One of my favorite tea blends. I ended up getting more!
Angela Davis
'All hail the glow cloud' feels kind of redundant to say for this tea since that's what everyone keeps saying, but it really fits. it's such a great taste and really feels fresh... just a wonderful and amazing tea.
Dawn Byers
This is my absolute favorite tea. Light flavor, great with or without sugar, or milk.


blended with green tea, white tea, pu erh dante, apple pieces, rose petals, lychee flavour, apricots, natural peach flavour, rose flavour, marigold flowers

teas: lychee rose green, white peach, pu erh dante

accented with cranberry, orange peels and hibiscus flower