created by Cara McGee
29c per cup
A bit darker, more intense brew than the others, but still with a surprising amount of sweetness, considering the contents.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 100°C for 3 minutes.

Customer Reviews (166)

Ronan O
Easily my favorite tea on earth (or beyond). I've been drinking this tea for almost a decade now and always replenish whenever I run out. The body of the irish breakfast with a green hint from the gunpowder bolsters the anise and cinnamon perfectly. Next order I'm just going to buy a tin. The ultimate warm, comforting drink.
Maria Campolongo
This is delicious. Strong, nutty, and a bit spicy, fitting for our recently traumatized Doctor, but still with the warmth that makes him so human. If you prefer stronger teas you should definitely give this one a try. If you don't, you should still give this one a try, since the 9th Doctor is the best Doctor, fight me.
Brooke Kapalka
Amazing! I thought at first I didn’t like it, but it grew on me and by the end of the cup it was the best tea I’ve had in ages! Good with half and half and a sugar cube. (4 mins @ 212°C)
Kristine Villapando
I am OBSESSSED with the nuttiness in this tea. It blends together so well with the gunpowder and the Irish breakfast, it manages to be warm and comforting but somehow invigorating all at once. LOVE!
Sarah Weaver
Consistently one of my favorite fandom blends. Smoky and dark and delicious

ingredients & lore

blended with black tea, ceylon sonata tea, assam melody tea, gunpowder, natural chestnut flavour

teas: gunpowder, chestnut, irish breakfast

accented with aniseed and cinnamon chips

Inspired by characters from BBC's Doctor Who. Created for my own enjoyment.