created by Meg Daunting
29c per cup
Alpha, Beta, Omega? Or Chai, Honeybush, Rooibos? A warm and yummy chai blend with honeybush vanilla and a curling sweet touch of rooibos almonds.

This is a decaf tea | Steep at 65°C for 0 minutes.

Customer Reviews (71)

Jessica Stuart
So far, this is my favorite tea from the 7 samples I got. I still have 5 more to try, so maybe I will find more I enjoy. (3 mins @ 212°C)
Kassandra Metivier
So a little while ago I ordered multiple teas from several different fandoms and have only had the chance of trying a few so far. But of the few that I've had, this one is probably my favourite and I expect it will stay in my top 5 as I continue to try the other teas I've ordered/am ordering. Preferred way is with a little milk and sugar, as I find it really helps bring out the flavours. (4 mins @ 212°C)
Samantha Krondahl
The aroma of this tea is absolutely amazing. And it tastes phenomenal (3 mins @ 212°C)
Heather G
The aroma when the tin was opened was inviting and warm. There were slices of almonds in there that were lovely to see (and nibble). The tea itself was rather mild, though there is a pleasant warmth that radiates in the chest after drinking. Would have liked just a hint more spice to come through in the flavor, but a second steep was just as strong as the first so it holds up well. And is one I’d certainly purchase again. (5 mins @ 212°C)
Emily Brosnan
pretty good! not the first one i reach for, but i do really enjoy it. (3 mins @ 212°C)

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