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created by Meg Daunting
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It's your type, honest! Let it try to convince you. ;) Earl Grey Bravo is a delicious Adagio favourite, the honeybush vanilla cuts the strong Earl Grey with a rich touch of sweetness. The blood orange highlights the citrus flavour of the Earl Grey very nicely.

This is a decaf tea | Steep at 65°C for 0 minutes.

Customer Reviews (76)

Emily Kunst
Delicious. Warm and a hint sweet feeling. Loved it.
Zie Elam
I have loved this blend for years and i still love it. It really is the best blend for anyone who likes bergamont. The nameing is very apt and i do love Jackson's character.
Sare Bear
The honeybush, cornflowers, vanilla, orange, and earl grey give this tea a uniquely creamy and fruity flavor that reminds me a bowl full of fruity pebbles. Which is fantastic. Sugar enhances the flavor. (4 mins @ 210°C)
Tanya Minacoleta
I'm usually not a huge fan of Earl Grey, but this one is a win from me! With milk and sugar, It tastes like fruity pebbles. Yes, I know. Also, even when it's steeped a long time, it doesn't get weird tasting, which is important for me because I always forget it in the teapot. (10 mins @ 212°C)
Megan Layman
I love most Earl Grey blends but this is special. The vanilla and orange make this almost desserty. I like tea both black or with milk/cream and sugar and this is perfect with a splash of heavy cream and a sugar cube. I do think this is for 'everybody' - very much a crowd-pleaser.

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Inspired by the character Jackson Whittemore from the MTV show Teen Wolf. Every single one of my blends is TASTE TESTED before being listed.

Sampler Set

sampler set

This tea is part of the Teen Wolf sampler set which includes six community favorites packaged in spiffy metal tins. Perfect for displaying in your tea cupboard or for refilling as a tea transport vessel while on the go. Also makes a great gift for your Fandom and tea-loving special someone.

teen wolf
6 x 14g tins