Felix Felicis

created by Robert Pirlot
29c per cup
sampler set
6 sample tins
Also known as Liquid Luck. This is a magical potion. Felix Felicis makes the drinker lucky for a period of time, depending on how much is taken, during which everything they attempt will be successful. It's meant to be used sparingly, however, as it causes giddiness, recklessness, and dangerous overconfidence if taken in excess. Felix is highly toxic in large quantities and is also a banned substance in all organised competitions, such as Quidditch, along with all other methods of cheating. It is very difficult to make, disastrous to get wrong, and requires six months to stew before it's ready to be consumed.

This is a decaf tea | Steep at 100°C for 5 minutes.

Customer Reviews (224)

Melissa Campbell
My favorite tea. Nutty, creamy, and delicious. Excellent sweetened, with a little bit of milk or cream
Carolyn D
I love the nutty notes of almond and hazelnut with the rich Carmel notes. It has a sweet smell with and elegant taste.
Anna Christenson
This tea is amazing... It has a sort of nutty, sparkling taste that is absolutely delicious! I really enjoy this tea in the fall and winter as it has a warm, bright taste. The color itself is also beautiful... fitting for liquid luck! The sweet caramel taste is very faint, but still present, and it pairs perfectly with the hazelnut. (4 mins @ 200°C)
Rachael Schneider
My first time trying rooibos tea. This is a delicious blend and no incidences of bad luck happened into my day after drinking it.
Brandy Stout
Has a strong flavor and a gorgeous color. Doesnt need any additives, and it’s caffeine free!


blended with rooibos tea, honeybush tea, natural almond flavour, natural hazelnut flavour, natural caramel flavour

teas: rooibos almond, rooibos caramel, honeybush hazelnut

Sampler Set

sampler set

This tea is part of the Magic Potions sampler set which includes six community favorites packaged in spiffy metal tins. Perfect for displaying in your tea cupboard or for refilling as a tea transport vessel while on the go. Also makes a great gift for your Fandom and tea-loving special someone.

magic potions
6 x 14g tins
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