wuyi da hong pao

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wuyi da hong pao
Our Da Hong Pao offers rich aromas of roasted vegetables, sweet honey and wet river stones. The liquor takes this masterpiece one step further, with the colour of warm peach brandy. Delicately spicy, robust and rounded texture, with pit-fruit flavours and subtle ripe peach juiciness. High fire treatment neutralises some of the tannins and stimulants making this a warming and soothing cup. Many layers of flavour develop over multiple infusions, a truly thought-provoking tea experience.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 100°C for 4 minutes.
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fresh from origin

A truly legendary tea, Da Hong Pao means 'Big Red Robe'. There are many stories about how this tea received its name. One relates to a scholar who, on his way to the Imperial examinations, made tea from a tea bush he passed. He was the only scholar - out of 200 - to pass the exam, and was awarded the Imperial scarlet robes. The humble scholar took his red robes and wrapped them around the tea bush in gratitude. The second most common story relates to the Emperor's ailing mother, who was cured with a drink made from the special 'rock tea' bushes. The Emperor sent beautiful red robes to wrap around the original four bushes which produced this tea.

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