Steve Carlsberg

created by Cara McGee
29c per cup
sampler set
6 sample tins
What a bitter jerk.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 93°C for 3 minutes.

Customer Reviews (49)

Sally Crow
Grapefruit Oolong! Who would have thought this makes for such a wonderful combination, and yet I can't get enough of it! Will be ordering more in the future. :D (5 mins @ 200°C)
Dani & casey
This tea is so nice. I prefer it once it's no longer hot (any where from room temp to cold) and it is just so refreshing and delicious. The grapefruit totally comes through. Definitely a favorite.
Sara Tabatabai
Immediately at first sip, I want to hate this tea blend just because of everything (or a single one) it stands for. The Grapefruit Oolong steals the show in this blend and no one likes grapefruit, who in their right mind would like or even love grapefruit (unless you're Steve Carlsberg)?! Ok...fine...I do like grapefruit, but just so we're clear, not Carlsberg. Moving on, the apple flavor is somewhat lost (like stupid Steve Carlsberg), but there is a subtle tang of sour (like Steve Carlsberg). While those are unsuitable qualities for a person, it works well in tea form. Though, despite all the things just so wrong with Steve Carlsberg, it (unfortunately) cannot be denied that he, like this tea blend, processes some amount of endearing dark sugary sweetness and smooth texture. After all, I will admit, he is a good father and a good husband (just a bad everything else). But that's it. The rest of Carlsberg is just so...just so...a kick in the face like the super subtle bite of the ginger. Though, the floral and fruity notes from the rose hips don't particularly help in preventing me from enjoying this tea too much. Bah! There's no way this tea blend matches Steeeve Caaarlsbeeerg. I like it far too much for it to be a proper representation! <(UnU)> (3 mins @ 200°C)
Logan Starnes
This was so good! I love the assortment of the different things, they all blend together so well. A nice subtle kick of caffeine for my afternoons.
Elle Kess
I think we all know by now that while he isn't perfect, Steve Carlsberg is not, in fact, a jerk. And I can also tell you that this is a delicious tea. It brews up sweet and a little tart and goes down so easy. I could drink it all day.


blended with oolong tea, green tea, rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, natural grapefruit flavour, natural vanilla flavour, orange peels, marigold flowers, natural apple flavour

teas: grapefruit oolong, vanilla green, sour apple

accented with rose hips and ginger

Sampler Set

sampler set

This tea is part of the The Town We Do Not Speak Of sampler set which includes six community favorites packaged in spiffy metal tins. Perfect for displaying in your tea cupboard or for refilling as a tea transport vessel while on the go. Also makes a great gift for your Fandom and tea-loving special someone.

night vale
6 x 14g tins
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