created by Robert Pirlot
29c per cup
sampler set
6 sample tins
Veritaserum is clear, colourless, and odourless and is almost indistinguishable from water. The potion must mature for a full lunar phase, and is quite difficult to produce. It can be mixed with any drink, and three drops are a sufficient dose to make the drinker 'spill out his innermost secrets'. Thus, the potion forces the drinker to tell the complete truth to any question asked to him/her.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 100°C for 3 minutes.

Customer Reviews (111)

Meg Hyslop
Yum! This tea smells anazing, but drinking a cup is like enjoying a delicious chocolate raspberry truffle. Every tea I have tried from this collection has been incredible... looking forward to tasting the rest! (3 mins @ 212°C)
Alexa Koch
I originally ordered the Magic Potions collection and knew after the first cup that I would be purchasing more of the Veritaserum. This is a perfect dessert tea with a splash of milk and a teaspoon of sugar. My new favorite!
Stephanie Emery
this tea is a very light and bright tea I'd tell the truth if someone gave this tea to me
Lynn & reanna Rey...
The smell is magnificent, its like opening a bag of raspberry sweets. The taste is smooth, calming with a background raspberry flavour. Very delicious and soothing, like a warm hug. Great without sugar and milk. Definitely buy again.
Nicole Davidson
This smelled delicious but had a fairly bitter taste. I probably won’t purchase this again. (4 mins @ 212°C)

ingredients & lore

blended with black tea, natural raspberry flavour, raspberries, raspberry leaves, natural chocolate flavour, dark chocolate chips (contains soy lecithin), cocoa nibs, natural hazelnut flavour

teas: raspberry, chocolate chip, hazelnut

accented with raspberry leaves, rose hips and chocolate chips

I actually based this mix off of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/ Philosopher's Stone On Harry Potter's first visit to Diagon Alley, Rubeus Hagrid presented him with a large ice cream (chocolate and raspberry with chopped nuts)

Sampler Set

sampler set

This tea is part of the Magic Potions sampler set which includes six community favorites packaged in spiffy metal tins. Perfect for displaying in your tea cupboard or for refilling as a tea transport vessel while on the go. Also makes a great gift for your Fandom and tea-loving special someone.

magic potions
6 x 14g tins
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