shizuoka shincha

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shizuoka shincha
The first harvest of Japanese green tea is cause for celebration, as plants that have stored nutrients all winter long battle frost to sprout the year's first buds. Ours is a moderately-steamed Tsuyuhikari Shincha from Shizuoka. Its dark green, needle-like leaves deliver a fragrant aroma, translucent cup and a flavour profile that is layered with peach blossom notes and hints of sweet pea sprouts.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 80°C for 2 minutes.
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fresh from origin

In the Japanese tea tradition, the texture of the tea itself is extremely important. At the end of the tea making process, the tea master will carefully blend in tiny, broken up 'tea dust' to give the finished cup more body and richness. You can actually see these particles when you scoop out your tea. You also see them in your cup - Sencha should have a lovely, slightly cloudy appearance. This contributes to the 'umami' of the tea (the 5th taste - the others being sweet, salty, sour and bitter). Taste and enjoy the added richness umami gives your cup of tea!

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